SafetyNest Features

SafetyNest is packed with features, while still being easy to learn and use.
We work hard to ensure that you have everything you need at your fingertips to reduce time, stress and cost from your Health & Safety and Human Resources requirements.

Safet Nest ECE Health & Safety interface
SafetyNest Feature: Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting

Have visibility over every event, incident and investigation. Categorise events, flag involved hazards, and attach photos, videos and insurance documentation.

Automatically flag injuries for Parents/Caregivers to review and sign at pick-up.

No teacher required - Parents/Caregivers can review the incident without a teacher's assistance, allowing teachers to remain on the floor or continue with their task at hand.

SafetyNest Feature: Risk Register

Risk Register

Take preventative action and put controls in place. 

Give controls due dates, review dates and reminders to the assigned staff member. 

Supports multiple overlapping registers across different sites or teams.

SafetyNest Feature: Checklists


Setup daily checklist templates for opening or closing, or for off-site visits. 

Attach photo and video guides for unfamiliar users and allow them to attach images, escalate issues, and make suggestions.

SafetyNest Feature: Notifications & Workflows

Notifications and Workflows

Set automatic reminders for investigations, corrective actions, control implementation and process reviews as well as escalated warnings for overdue tasks and site inspections.

Schedule reports highlighting any areas of concern including process failures, unclosed events and incomplete checklists.

SafetyNest Feature: Reporting


Choose from a range of customisable reports, trend lines, and interactive graphs.

All graph and data reports can be generated regularly and emailed to an individual or group.

Reporting is one of our most popular features.

SafetyNest Feature: eLearning


Create required qualifications, use video training or existing documents, quiz participants, send automatic refresher reminders, or run instructor-led training.

SafetyNest Feature: Teacher Observations / Logins

Teacher Observations/ Logins

No need for all teachers to have separate logins. This keeps administration in the classrooms simple and effective.

Teachers can escalate events directly to appropriate people, including where maintenance is required.

SafetyNest Feature: Parent Reports

Parent Reports

Parents are able to easily review incident reports regarding their child and the sign-on screen.

Reports can be run or automated to create a list of unsigned events.

SafetyNest Feature: Staff Engagement

Staff Engagement

Our tools have been shown to increase H&S engagement across teams by providing user-friendly tools for teachers and support staff.

SafetyNest is super simple - feedback shows that even the least technically minded find it easy to use!.

SafetyNest Feature: HR Tools

HR Tools

Record staff details, upload employment files and headshots, keep a complete position history, view the chain of command, secure exit details... and much more.

Security levels are set to suit your organisation to ensure privacy needs are met. 

SafetyNest has revolutionised our assessment and management

SafetyNest has revolutionised our assessment and management of health and safety requirements within our centres. What was once an ad hoc, laborious and inefficient process has now been streamlined, with greater accountability, tracking and allowed for targeted training within our teaching team. 
We used to spend approximately 3-4 hours analysing hand written H&S data from incident and accident reports from the rooms prior to our monthly management meetings. Now with a click of a button and we have reports and graphical data to refer to.

Gemma Smith - Director, Gem's Educational Childcare


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