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Escaping children or those left behind...

Do you know what steps you need to be following to ensure this doesn't happen?

We have a story to share.

A long, long time ago, one of our founders found 50 cents in the sandpit at his preschool. He then somehow opened the gate, walked the two blocks to the local shop, spent the 50 cents on lollies and returned to his friends a real hero with lollies to share. 🍬🍫

Thankfully he was ok (and still thinks he is pretty cool for escaping without being noticed) and things have since come a long way in terms of keeping our kids safe.

This article from My ECE has some good pointers on responsibilities.

As always, this is something we can help you with too, from our checklist tools to our H&S plans and policies storage to our partnerships with Discover and Infocare.


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