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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our most popular questions answered - if you have any other queries about Safety Nest, please reach out to us. 

Why do I need SafetyNest?

SafetyNest is your go-to tool for everything Health & Safety-related for your centre. It gives you peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to be compliant and to keep the kids at the centre safe.

How much does it cost?

We have a simple pricing structure that is very cost effective. See our pricing page for more details.

What support do you offer?

We have extensive documentation and online training materials. You can also contact us via phone and email with any questions you may have with the software.

Why is a written “book-based” system for Health & Safety no longer a good idea?

With changes in legislation and the growing importance of clear documentation a book-based system relies on staff and teachers to complete all the necessary information at the correct time. This is becoming more difficult and means if something is missed, your centre could be exposed legally. SafetyNest helps to ensure the right information is captured and reported on in the correct way.

How will this improve our service to our children & their families?

Using SafetyNest provides peace of mind for teachers, staff and parents knowing that you take Health & Safety seriously and are invested in protecting children as much as possible while they are in your care.

How will this enable my staff to manage the centre safely?

By following the step-by-step processes of the software, your teachers and staff will become more aware of the policies and requirements necessary while guiding them efficiently through the process.

How does SafetyNest save me time and money?

Keeping accurate records will save you time, money and frustrations if they need to be reviewed after an incident or as part of an audit process.

I can't find SafetyNest on the App Store

Each centre has it's own SafetyNest site and is not an app. Your site will be for example - or

Forgot username or password

Go in to your SafetyNest site and click on the forgot password link on the sign in page. You will receive an automatic reset password link to your email inbox

Keeping kids safe and centres compliant – with minimal fuss.

SafetyNest has been designed specifically for Early Childcare Centres in NZ. Through our up-to-date Health & Safety tools you can more efficiently and accurately help manage events, hazards, observations, checklists and other aspects to help make sure your tamariki and staff are safe, and the folks at the Ministry of Education are happy.

Benefit from Health & Safety software for your educational centre.

SafetyNest offers a range of benefits, from ensuring all Health & Safety documentation is correctly filled out to completing investigations quickly and efficiently, with comprehensive reporting providing consistency and transparency. The system also keeps your records safe and secure.

Got more questions?

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