Feedback from our centres - what they say

Natalie Davidson

Owner/Operator, Puddleducks Nursery and Preschools

"Puddleducks’ Nursery & Preschools reviewed its Health & Safety Management Systems and went to the market looking for a tool to bring Health & Safety alive in a way that worked within Centre life. We found SafetyNest and it ticked all of the boxes - its ability to link with the Centre's Student Management System increased the ease of recording and, along with the reporting functions, allowed timely recording and reporting of incidents, accidents and observations. Our whole team finds it easy to use and being able to add photos to an accident or risk assists in the communication/understanding between the team and the maintenance team. Having the risk register available to tag into accidents assists in monitoring our risks and their risk rating. We really value our partnership with the team at SafetyNest and their after-sales services is excellent."

Gemma Smith

Director, Gems Educational Childcare 

"SafetyNest has revolutionised our assessment and management of health and safety requirements within our centres. What was once an ad hoc, laborious and inefficient process has now been streamlined, with greater accountability and tracking, and has allowed for targeted training within our teaching team. We used to spend approximately 3-4 hours analysing handwritten H&S data from incident and accident reports from the rooms prior to our monthly management meetings. Now with a click of a button and we have reports and graphical data to refer to. 

SafetyNest has enabled us to identify areas that require attention immediately, set an action plan, allocate people responsible, and track patterns over time with specific parameters. Identifying patterns and reoccurring events was difficult due to the ad hoc nature of the data recorded. No more “hunches”- real data to act on and implement change. It has also allowed us to streamline expectation within our teams as well, so as we are all singing from the same song sheet."

Feedback from Parents

Anne-Marie Longthorn


"SafetyNest is super easy to use and makes it easy for parents to find out about any accidents that have happened throughout their child's day, even when the teacher who dealt with it is unavailable. It is great to have a record of what happened and when to support the communication of these events to us as parents."

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