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SafetyNest Training Videos

We've got a collection of videos to help you use our SafetyNest software more effectively.

Teachers Training Videos

Everything your Kaiako need to know!

Welcome to SafetyNest

Teachers Dashboard

Using Site Checks

Injury Reporting

Incident Reporting

Illness Reporting

Medicines Register

Sleep and Toileting

Managers and Admin Training - Part One

Step by Step Guide to Getting your SafetyNest set up and ready to go!

Welcome to SafetyNest!

Setting your team up for success

Adding SafetyNest to your devices

1. Site Configuration

2. Teacher login

3. Set up your Sites

4. Checklist Templates

5. Sleep and Toilet Templates

6. Workflows & Reminders

7. Adding access for individuals

8. Setting Position Titles

Managers and Admin Training - Part Two

Get the most out of your SafetyNest Subscription!

8. Reporting -
Data Sets

7. Reporting - Graphs

9. Family Services

10. Risk Register

11. People Tools

12. Skills and Training

13. Inductions

Connect to your SMS

How to connect to Discover


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